AS Construction was founded in September of 2000 by Andrew Shukis. After the company that brought him to the mountains dissolved, he went on to start a small framing company that normally did work for general contractors.

With the background of working as a superintendent and project manager for national companies such as MI Homes, DR Horton, and Texas based David Weekly Homes, he had a real advantage to the markets in the High Country. He knew what worked and what didn't. He knew what made a home better, stronger and how to achieve that cost effectively.

As time went on, the contractors he was working for, saw his potential and his wealth of knowledge in the industry.  Not only just in framing, but they began asking him to take on more aspects of their own companies. From foundations and footings, to complicated roof systems he was the man to go to.

Andrew is a man who retains everything he learns, and although he is self taught in the construction trades, he now has peers such as inspectors, developers, other general contractors, and building supply owners who value his workmanship and well thought out construction ideas.

He is a man who knows the building code and goes beyond that. A man that doesn't settle for the standard but the over achiever. He is someone with a high grade of integrity and relies on his impeccable reputation even if it means, he is the one left empty handed.

Ten years have passed since the start of the AS Construction legacy. It is now an S-corporation and involved in any and every aspect of construction. Mr. Shukis is now a Licensed and Insured Commercial and Residential General Contractor in NC. He has various crews that do masonry, painting, grading, lot clearing, custom home construction, remodeling, siding, interior and exterior trim, plumbing, HVAC, and yes, he is still involved in framing. Right where it all started.

As far as AS Construction, Inc is concerned, the sky is the limit. If there is a need for it in this area, Andrew will fill it. He has hit the ground running and hasn't stopped yet.

Certified GREEN professional thru the National Home Builder's Association
Po Box 3043 Boone, NC
Office:   ( 828) 265-3681
Fax:      ( 828) 265-5227
Mobile: ( 828) 964-8205